Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

Starting in early 2021, all DoD contractors must be Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliant to bid on Federal contracts. Edwards Performance Solutions is here to ensure these new requirements don't disrupt your business.

We created a fast, four-step assessment – your guide for achieving CMMC! Edwards helps Prime contractors and their supply chain (subcontractors), as well as commercial organizations prepare to comply with CMMC requirements.

Tiered pricing ensures you only pay for the services your organization needs. The assessment process concludes with a tailored analysis to pinpoints current gaps in your organization that could pose a risk in achieving certification.

Why Choose Edwards

Edwards examines your business from an auditor’s point of view; with an unbiased perspective to uncover vulnerabilities you might not observe from inside your organization. Edwards' assessment will prepare you to address every factor that a DoD audit will investigate for compliance.

Let the Edwards' team of cybersecurity experts prepare a CMMC compliant roadmap, tailored to your business!

Quick Look assessment approach: 4 Steps to Prepare


1.  Questionnaire

Our interactive questionnaire guides you through the information about your current cybersecurity software.

2.  Analysis

Our team of experts determines the gaps in your current system.

3.  Strategy

We develop a custom plan to fill the gaps in your organization.

4.  Consultation

A consultation with CMMC experts provides tailored solutions.


Standard Quick Look Assessment

Choose the pricing level based on the needs of your organization. We provide a 60 minute consultation with our CMMC experts to answer questions and outline your next step toward compliance.

CMMC Maturity Level 1 CMMC Maturity Level 3

Facilitated Quick Look Assessment

If your organization would benefit from additional assistance from the Edwards team, we offer a Facilitated Quick Look. This includes up to 32 hours of CMMC consulting support, based on the Level.

CMMC Maturity Facilitated